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Here are the rules:

I. Infraction Points[edit | hide | hide all]

They all except 256 points wears off after a month after you been blocked for specified times.

If anyone gets any infractions points, it will not be overwritten and additional infraction points will get you more points up to 256. It applies to all pages with some exceptions.

All infractions can be appealed at any time.

  • 0: you are good
  • 1-15: be careful and do not break the rules
  • 16-31: Warning
  • 32-47: blocked for 3 days
  • 48-63: blocked for 1 week
  • 64-79: blocked for 2 weeks
  • 80-95: blocked for 3 weeks
  • 96-111: blocked for 1 month, all rights removed
  • 112-127: blocked for 2 months, all rights removed
  • 128-159: blocked for 3 months, all rights removed
  • 160-191: blocked for 6 months, all rights removed
  • 192-223: blocked for 1 years, all rights removed
  • 224-255: blocked for 2 years, all rights removed
  • 256: banned for life and no longer welcomed to the wiki

II. General Rules[edit | hide]

  1. WikiHood Core Principles, Miraheze Content Policy, Miraheze Code of Conduct, Miraheze User Account Policy, Miraheze Username Policy, Miraheze Terms of use and Miraheze Privacy Policy applies here as well. Violation of these will get you 64 infraction points and possibility of getting Miraheze Staff involved.
  2. Make sure you add <comments /> to the pages. There is no penalty if you forget.
  3. No Vandalism: It's not funny; it's just crude and rude. If you do it, you will get 16 infractions points.
    1. Inserting Gibberish and/or nonsense will results in the same warning as above.
    2. Inserting pornography will get you 255 points. If done again, 1 more point.
    3. If you want to test edit, we have a Sandbox
  4. Do not create pages that are just you throwing in your opinions on content or people you hate: Blogs are good for opinions, use those instead. If you do it, you will get 8 infraction points.
  5. Don't harass users or start any Wikidrama: We are not here for drama. If you do that, you will get 22 points.
  6. Avoid favoring one version of the article over another: unless one version is vandalism.
  7. Strictly no spamming: This includes, adding useless pages, writing pointless comments/messages posting unwanted content. If you do it, you will get 13 points.
  8. Don't Discriminate: Don't discriminate against anyone on the basis of their race, sexuality, religion, gender, or any other such characteristics. Bigotry will not be tolerated here. Doing it will get you 18 points.
  9. If you are unfamiliar with the formatting while editing a page, ask an admin for help: We would much rather help you than to fix a page that was ruined by formatting errors.
  10. No removing items from either galleries, unless the picture is fake: Doing it except for the fake image will get you 8 points, If done more than 2 times, you will be blocked from uploading for 1 month, If done 4 more times, blocked from uploading for 6 months. If done 2 more times, blocked from uploading for life. (Upload Blocking can be appealed)
  11. Profanity is not recommended
  12. No copying: Please don't copy other people. Copying an entire page and claiming it to be your own is not ok, you will get 5 infraction points.
  13. No edit warring: Please don't Making an edit war on a page, you will get 9 infraction points and be blocked from editing an edit warred page for 1 week.
  14. Do not add incorrect, random, or pointless categories: It creates clutter around the wiki, which is something we do not want to have here. The user will receive 10 Infraction points.
  15. Do not use the wiki as an NFT website. NFTs violates the core principles, and it defeats the purpose as a nonprofit website. Using the website as an NFT will get you 100 infraction points.

III. Fanon[edit | hide]

Fanon is any story, biography or description of any Character, family, location, movie, tv shows, video games or feature which was not created by Walt Disney Company and which does not appear in the movies at the time of their release. Stories, biographies or descriptions of a character changes to Disney Made content are also classified as fanon for administrative purposes. WikiHood has adopted special policies regarding creation of fanon, and has created a special a special fanon wiki, where fanon content shall be placed. The following rules apply to fanon content, and all users should familiarize themselves with the rules before creating any fanon.

Fanon is only allowed at that wiki.

IV. User Rules[edit | hide]

  1. If you see a user breaking a rule, please tell them to stop, and please tell an admin if the user continues.
  2. Abusing multiple accounts are not allowed. If you make a second account after being blocked, your block will be extended by 6 months for each sock you created, and the duplicate account(s) will be permanently be blocked.
    1. If for any necessary circumstance you choose to use a different account, please let an admin know.
    2. Bots are the exceptions if you are an ninja or higher.
    3. Roleplay accounts are allowed, but the restrictions are: Not to edit anything in the namespace except for blogs and talk namespaces, can not vote in polls and/or proposals, can use the forums and chat, and can not apply for adminship.
  3. Please do not argue with admins or other staff. They know what they're doing, they earned their rights for a reason.
  4. Be kind and respect all other users. Especially admins who have the authority to block anyone who gets out of line. For example, posting private information about someone is not allowed. If you post private information about someone else, you will get 32 points.
  5. Please only edit your own user page, not anyone else's (unless you have permission from the other user first). Edit other userpages without permission will get you 8 points and be blocked from editing user pages for 1 week.
  6. Please don't harass or aggravate spammers and vandals as it only incites them to cause more damage.
  7. Do not attempt to block and/or demote the Owner of this wiki: We have a fail safe to keep the wiki working. If a person tries to do these, the offending users will be demoted swiftly and get 128 infraction points.
  8. No not add any Illegal streaming/downloading links to this wiki: This is not a pirate website, we oppose piracy. Please be advised that only YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Bitchute, Vlare, Vidlii,, dTube and Mike9012's Website videos are allowed to be linked to. Any other sites of the "watch(seriesname)" or similar are illegal on this wiki and Miraheze and cannot be linked to from here. Violation will get you 14 Infraction points.

V. Proposal Policy[edit | hide]

  1. Proposals, except proposals that seek to raise the passing threshold, must gain 51% support in order to be passed: and the proposal must be on Proposal Namespace
  2. Proposals that seek to raise the passing threshold are required to meet their own proposed threshold
  3. Polls are not a valid deciding factor: Support, opposition, or neutrality gained through the usage of polls will not be factored into a proposal's final results. Polls can be easily manipulated/rigged and thus can not be trusted to accurately measure the community's opinion.
  4. Proposals must be open for at least a week: This is so all of the active members of the community have a chance to voice their opinions on the matter. Proposals closed before a week passes will be promptly re-opened and have their time extended.
  5. Proposals can't be open for more than three weeks: This is to prevent the unnecessary drawing out of voting periods.
  6. Shortening of voting lengths is prohibited: Only extensions may be made to a proposal's voting length. No shortening is allowed. This is to prevent users from deliberately deciding to close their proposals when the numbers are favorable to them.
  7. Any user can vote on any proposal: No matter their edit count, how long they've been on the wiki, or if the proposal revolves around them. They're still a part of the community and are allowed to vote. Sockpuppet accounts, user with a restricted right, roleplay accounts, bots and blocked users are excluded from this.
  8. Users can only be promoted or demoted once a supportive consensus is reached by the community: Users are not to be randomly appointed or fired. The community must form a supportive consensus before either of these things will happen. Users that have been promoted without consensus are excluded from this, and will be swiftly demoted.
  9. Users Cannot Add A Provision to a Proposal Two Days Before It's Closing: Exceptions include if another user requests the change to be added.
  10. Users cannot force or bribe someone to change their vote: If it was the user who proposed or not, forcing or bribing anyone to support or oppose a proposal is strictly prohibited. If you do it, 8 infraction points and be blocked from editing proposal namespace for 1 week.

VI. Forums[edit | hide]

1. Treat everyone with respect. Absolutely no harassment, witch hunting, sexism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated. Will result in a mute on first offense, then kick on second offense, then ban on the third offense.

2. No spam or self-promotion (server invites, advertisements, etc) outside of ad forum. Will result in a mute on first offense, then kick on second offense, then ban on the third offense. If you have a website that allows profanity, put a warning on the link.

3. No NSFW or obscene content. This includes text, images, or links featuring nudity, sex, hard violence, or other graphically disturbing content. This includes making references to the number 69, unless in a different context. Sending NSFW content in any channel will result in an immediate ban.

4. Profanity is not allowed in this server, keep the language PG, this is a server that is aimed at people under 18. The forums have a built in word filter. Will result in a mute on first offense, then kick on second offense, then ban on the third offense.

5. Do not raid this forums. Raiding this forums causes huge damage to this server. Will result in a permaban.

6. Don't bully anybody here. Will result in a kick on first offense, then ban on the second offense.

7. Don’t ask for admin or moderator. Will result in a mute on first offense, then kick on second offense, then ban on the third offense.

8. Do not evade bans (e.g, using your alt to join after you’ve been banned) Will result in a ban for every account.

9. If you see something against the rules or something that makes you feel unsafe, let staff know. We want this forums to be a welcoming space! You have to verify to send messages.

10. Do not hack any user.

11. We follow and enforce WikiHood Rules, Miraheze's Content Policy, Miraheze's Code of Conduct and Discrod Terms of service.

12. If you are found to be under the age of 13, we will kick you until your 13th birthday has passed.

VII. Martial Law[edit | hide]

Martial Law are rarely enforced rules. If the wiki goes out of hand, the Owner, Staff and bureaucrats are the only people allowed to enforce Martial Law. Maximum length of martial law enforcement are 1 month.

Enforcement[edit | hide]

If you want martial law enforced by the owner, bureaucrat and/or staff, there are requirements:

  1. The Request must be done on the Forums
  2. The wiki must be in very bad shape
    • Mass uploading of porn (47% or more porn uploaded)
    • Mass vandalism (64% or more of vandalism of the wiki)
    • Mass Wiki Raid
    • Multiple Sock account by a troublesome user (more then 10 sock accounts)
    • Mass leaking of personal information (60% or more leaked on the wiki)
    • Abusive admin breaking a lot of rules.
  3. 60% of more of martial law approval from the community
  4. Approval from at least 60% of moderators or higher.

Martial Law Rules[edit | hide]

Harsher rules and penalties (Martial law blocking lasts until Martial law is over then either normal blocking or unblocking.):

  1. Vandalism will automatically get you blocked.
  2. Harassment will get you blocked.
  3. Edit wars will get you blocked and page protected.
  4. Recreating pages without admin's approval will get you blocked.
  5. Any forms of drama, flame, cyberbullying, threats or harassment of any kind to users will not be tolerated and will most likely get an IP block.
  6. You can not use your own talk page to appeal to your ban.
  7. Abuse of Power will get you demoted and blocked.
  8. Raiding the wiki will get you blocked
  9. Abusing Multiple Account Will get you blocked.
  10. Uploading Porn will get you blocked.

More rules violation can increase the level of a lockdown. All lockdown starts at level 1.

What happens during martial law?[edit | hide]

There are 6 levels of lockdown. The maximum time for lockdown are 1 month.

Level 1[edit | hide]

  • Anonymous editing is still allowed.
  • Account creation is enabled.
  • Anyone can create pages.
  • Users can upload files as normal.
  • Chat and Blog pages are still available.

Level 2[edit | hide]

  • Anonymous editing is restricted and EditSubpages Extension is enabled.
  • Account creation not made by admins are disabled.
  • Confirmed, Autoconfirmed and/or Emailconfirmed users can only create pages.
  • Users can upload files as normal.
  • Chat and Blog pages are still available.

Level 3[edit | hide]

  • Anonymous editing is forbidden.
  • Account creation not made by admins are disabled.
  • Moderators or higher can only create pages.
  • Users can upload files as normal.
  • Chat and Blog pages are still available.

Level 4[edit | hide]

  • Must have a confirmed email address to edit.
  • Account creation not made by admins are disabled.
  • Moderators or higher can only create pages.
  • Only Admins can upload files as normal.
  • Chat and Blog pages are not available.

Level 5[edit | hide]

  • Only Moderators or higher can edit.
  • Account creation not made by admins are disabled.
  • Moderators or higher can only create pages.
  • Only Admins can upload files as normal.
  • Chat and Blog pages are not available.

Level 6[edit | hide]

  • The Wiki is set to private.

VIII. Admin Policy[edit | hide]

The wiki Admin have a set of rules.

  1. When blocking someone, do not use obscenity, profanity and/or insult the blocked user.
  2. Do not pass Martial Law until the proposal gets accepted and last the maximum of 2 weeks. Only Bureaucrat or above can enforce Martial Law if it got accepted.
  3. Keep the anonymous editing enabled unless if the wiki reach Martial Law Level 3.
  4. Do not block people for no reason.
  5. Keep Blocking time reasonable unless if a user have 256 infraction points.
  6. Do not close the wiki or set it to private unless if the wiki reach Martial Law Level 6.
  7. Do not harass and/or insult people even when you are banning users.
  8. Do not put any porn and/or viruses in the wiki.
  9. Do not violate Miraheze Content Policy, Miraheze Code of Conduct, Miraheze User Account Policy, Miraheze Username Policy, Miraheze Terms of use and Miraheze Privacy Policy. All of these applies to the roundtable as well.
  10. If you cause a scandal, you must resign.

Here are restrictions on rules for staff:

  1. Do not create any ex post facto rules (change the punishment before the rule is added)
  2. Do not create Nulla poena sine lege rules (punishing users for doing something that is not prohibited)
  3. Do not create rule of attainder (punishing users without using infraction points)