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When did WikiHood Founded?[edit | hide | hide all]

September 30, 2020

Is this on Miraheze?[edit | hide]

Yes, this wiki is on Miraheze.

Is this a reception wiki?[edit | hide]

No, this is not a reception wiki.

Is this wiki part of Qualitipedia?[edit | hide]

This wiki have no affiliation with Qualitipedia in any form.

What Version of MediaWiki used on WikiHood?[edit | hide]

WikiHood Uses 1.38.2 (c40e48d) which Miraheze Uses.

Is this wiki about other version than Disney (i.e. BBC series and 1938 WB film)?[edit | hide]

Soon we will.

Do we have VisualEditor?[edit | hide]

We offer VisualEditor to this wiki. (Not available on Erudite, Blue Sky, Nimbus and Nostalgia skins)

Do we have a skin that is used on Fandom/Wikia?[edit | hide]

We have a skin that is similar to Wikia/Fandom Oasis skin nameded Cosmos, you can do it in your preferences.

Is Vector and Monobook Available?[edit | hide]

Yes, We have Vector and Monobook skins.

Can I put fanficton and fanart in this wiki?[edit | hide]

You can do that here using a Fanon: Namespace.

Can I edit pages?[edit | hide]

Yes, you don't need an account to edit pages (unless if you are uploading images and using the chat).

Who Owns WikiHood?[edit | hide]

The site itself are not owned by anybody. Disney's Robin Hood and its trademarks, are owned by The Walt Disney Company.

  • The copyright of a particular edit is owned by the person who made that edit.
  • The wiki are owned by the communities. No one user owns any wiki. No roundtable, bureaucrat or administrator may claim proprietorship over the wiki.
  • Any user can claim ownership of a fanon.

Are you going into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)?[edit | hide]

We do not support nor promote NFTs because it violates the Core Principles.